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Membership Prices & Infomation

Elements Club Joining Fee per gymnast: 10.00

This is a one off payment; when you join our club.

(Please note if you leave & rejoin you will be liable to pay the joining fee again)

Recreational Class Fees: 5.00 per hour

Development Class Fees: 5.00 per hour

 7.50 per 2 hours

Display Class Fees:              6.00 per 2 hours

Class Fees are due every 10-12 weeks, and payable in advance. Fees must be paid before the term begins.


British Gymnastics Membership & Insurance Costs per Gymnast, per Year: 17.00


Each child must individually be insured by British Gymnastics

Please note this is due every year.

Fees Dates  

Fees are due by Tuesday 7th January, Wednesday 8th January, Friday 10th January, Saturday 11th January and Monday 13th January this term.

For more information on our fees and costs or if you have any problems or queries please email or call:

07763 615 046